Atelier Hébert believes film photography informs a more mindful photography practice. This is evident in trusting and empathic images. We hand develop, print or scan all film images. See it in action below.

Film photography helps you embrace empathy. There is a certain amount of trust required by the blind process, that is, we can't look at the screen on the back to see if the image is right. This gives freedom however and allows the space for a deeper connection between the photographer and the sitter. With this layer of doubt removed the photographer and sitter can engage more fully.  
Next comes developing. This is the dark magic that makes the images visible for the very first time.  A multi-stage chemical process reveals the images in the film and makes them light safe. Archival processing ensures lasting quality and results. 
Finally, once the film negatives have been developed its time for printing or scanning. Printing film negatives in the darkroom is a special process using light sensitive photographic paper and chemical development. This gives the absolute highest quality and tonal range possible with film. 
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